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Our company launches 380E articulated dump trucks with improved cab

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Both models are also available as waste handlers, featuring 16 guarding points, a high-efficiency mid-mounted cooling cube, a slanted hood and Sy-Klone ejective air pre-cleaner, and heavy-duty axles and solid tires.
The 621F and 721F wheel loaders feature cabs with full climate control, as well as a joystick steering option designed to reduce operator fatigue. Floor-to-ceiling windows optimize visibility to attachments. All service points are grouped and located throughout the machine for easy access. Additional operator options, such as a rearview camera and a heated air-ride seat are available.
Ground-level service points and eye-level fluid gauges are meant to maximize serviceability. The mid-mounted cooling module limits debris buildup and provides easy access for routine cleaning. And a standard, electronically controlled power-tilt hood makes facilitates access to the engine compartment.

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